Senior Year Course Update Form
University of Oregon

Every application we receive is reviewed individually. Therefore, it is important we have complete and accurate information included with your application. You have been asked to complete this form so we can determine your eligibility for admission. Once you submit this schedule, it may take 1-3 weeks before it is reflected as being received on the online application checklist. Please do not submit a duplicate schedule.


Date of Birth    

Failure to complete this section will delay your admission decision. Enter the courses you plan to take throughout your senior year. Enter the course title and the years of this course you have or will have completed by the time you graduate. List courses as regular (RG), honors (HN), advanced placement or International Baccalaureate (AP/IB), or college credits (CC).

4 quarters = 1 credit 2 semesters = 1 credit 3 trimesters = 1 credit* 1 block = varies*
1 quarter = 0.25 credits 1 semester = 0.5 credits 1 trimester = 0.33 credits*  
*Contact your school counselor to determine how to convert your school's block or trimester system into full credit equivalents.


Senior Year Courses

English (example) Literature and Creative Writing